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If Cuba was the only country in the world, earth would be known as the music planet.

Sensuous Cuba is a nation of intense rhythms, colors, emotions, aromas and flavors. What travelers remember most is its ubiquitous pulsating music – and the passionate friendly islanders who make and revel in it.

Cuba’s a music machine pumping out wall-to-wall sound that fuels the global music scene. Come down here and jump into an audio inferno of Afrocuban beats, Latin jazz and swirling salsa, and dizzying son and rumba.

We’ve been helping music lovers experience the richness of Cuban life and culture since 1997. Our Jazz tours are the official programs of the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Culture. So you when visit the Pearl of the Caribbean with us, you do so with confidence. Get in the groove with

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Elaine Vargo, Saint Paul, Minnesota

I feel so blessed to have taken the trip. I have some great memories and met some wonderful people. And that’s due to Marvin’s help [...]

Don and Nancy Hamilton, Red Lodge, Montana

We just want to report to you that our trip to Cuba was super good. There were no problems, and we enjoyed it all. The [...]

Larry Englund, Saint Paul, Minnesota

My wife and I enjoyed our trip and found it to be enough of a taste of Cuba that we would definitely go back. The [...]

Nancy Coward, Key West, Florida

Our Just Jazz trip was the perfect way to kick off the holidays and I believe the entire group had a very memorable vacation. With [...]

Sebastian Lazzara, Brooklyn, New York

The trip to Cuba was absolutely wonderful. We had a fabulous time. Our guide Hoji was the best. He spoke perfect English, he was funny, [...]

Eileen Gmerek, St. Louis, Missouri

I feel so blessed to have taken the trip. I have some great memories and met some wonderful people. And that’s due to Marvin’s help [...]

Laki Halper, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Our trip went without a hitch. Once we got through the airport madhouse, our guide Alden met us and from then on it was great [...]

Richard Madenburg, Santa Ana, California

Found visit to Cuba to be fascinating; people-to people interaction was great; had no problems whatsoever in returning to USA. Immigrations and customs were non-events. [...]

Susan Madenburg, Santa Ana, California

We very much enjoyed our trip to Cuba, the smiling faces and kind people. My husband and I are generally independent travelers who have toured [...]

Miriam Baker, Artist, Newport Beach, California

We are glad that we were able to visit Cuba and we were surprised that the people were not as poor as we had been [...]

Olivia Maria Baratta, Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia

The trip was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about it. It completely exceeded my expectations. Frank, our guide, was great. The only “negative” [...]

Erica Serlin, Madison, Wisconsin

My sisters and I (Triple Trouble) enjoyed the tour tremendously, and we all felt we got “a lot of bang for the buck” without scrimping [...]

Robert McElvaine, Clinton, Mississippi

My trip the week before last was wonderful – possibly my best one yet. I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

Richard Summa, Tallahassee, Florida

WOW! PRICELESS! I had an AWESOME time in Cuba. Special thanks are also due to my guide Grency, who was a perfect host – personal [...]

Gwenda Blanks, Nurse, Alexandria, Virginia

There is nothing NOT to like about Havana. The people are warm, friendly and SO TALENTED. Great music everywhere! The itinerary was leisurely (no waking [...]

Brett P. Holmes, Chicago, Illinois

We both loved our trip to Cuba and found the country to be even more spectacular than imagined. The cigars, rum, food, and music were [...]

Sally Welker, Roanoke, Indiana

We enjoyed our Cuba tour. We especially liked our guide Liliana. She was intelligent and informative and so very patient and kind. We have invited [...]

Judith Timmel, Emeryville, California

I loved my stay in Cuba. I’m sure I will be back someday. The people express themselves through music and dance so eloquently. One must [...]

Ronald Strouse, Chef, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

First and foremost, we had a good time. Havana was intriguing, the people and architecture and history. We feel fortunate to have stayed at the [...]

Mavis and Maarten Hemsley, Duxbury, Massachusetts

We had a wonderful time at the Jazz Festival, and our guide Liliana was the best. She was full of enthusiasm and really connected with [...]

Sandra J. Price, New York, New York

This was my second trip to the Havana Jazz Festival with your organization. I enjoyed myself so much the first time I had to go [...]

Norma Milne, Banning, California

A deeply felt compliment to you and your staff. You did a wonderful job in organizing our group and activities. Our tour guide was the [...]

Larry Daniels, Salinas, California

Visiting Cuba is not for the fainthearted but I think one cannot find a better place to meet upbeat and determined people trying to make [...]

Patricia Scheans, Portland, Oregon

Everything went very well. Our guide was excellent! The Hotel Presidente was clean and nice in an antique way, and it was close to the [...]

Stephen Wagner and Simon Beachley, North Palm Beach, Florida

The US embargo is so stupid – get over it! Cuban architecture is incredible, but unfortunately, it’s crumbling. From what we saw, Cuba’s a beautiful [...]

Nita Bryant-Azmar and Amir Azmar, Los Angeles, California

We liked the trip so well that we are planning to send about 15 others on the trip next year with your organization. Our tour [...]

William Fay and Jacqueline Carrera, Skillman, New Jersey

We had an amazing trip, thank you for helping to arrange it. The most important feedback I can offer is that our tour guide, Grency, [...]

Harriet and William Yelon, Columbia, Missouri

Just to be able to go was amazing! Thank you. Lillian our tour guide was absolutely the best ever. She answered questions above and beyond [...]

Beverly McLaughlin, Durham, North Carolina

Truly heart-warming experience. My time in Havana, Cuba was much more wonderful and complex than I could have imagined, far exceeding any attempt at verbal [...]

Adrianna Greene, New York, New York

Cuban senior citizens welcome choir made my heart swell. Cuba called me back. I was there 12 years ago, mainly because of the people and [...]

Ann Stuart, Durham, North Carolina

Everywhere music. I loved Cuba. Cubans are unfailingly polite and kind. It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. I [...]

Nolan Col, Gainesville, Florida

The Jazz Festival was a delicious experience. Got in last night after spending a couple of days in the Yucatan. A few first blush impressions [...]

Leslie Nelson, Tucson, Arizona

I loved Havana and loved tour, but a day of rest required! The buildings were just beautiful, particularly the old ones. I found the people [...]

Sandra Pettway, New York, New York

I want to express my sincere gratefulness on the hospitality of the people of Cuba. I have high praises for the tour guide Ariannet. She [...]

Michael and Sara Frank, West Bloomfield, Michigan

We saw the real, original Cuba and we were right up closed to Chucho Valdés! Had a great trip. Cuba is a wonderful country with [...]

Delois Wickliff, Los Angeles, California

The Havana Jazz Festival was wonderful. I’m returned and still trying to get my bearings. Let me just say that I had a wonderful visit [...]

Daniele Spellman, Berkeley, California

Very good first introduction to Cuba via the Havana Jazz Festival. Thanks. The whole experience was terrific and I congratulate your agency on having put [...]

Ralph DePalma, Key West, Florida

Never met people with so little yet so happy. I cannot describe with any justice the wonderful Cuban people that we met on our trip. [...]

Mary Ellen Gibson, San Luis Obispo, California

The Havana Jazz Festival trip was seriously priceless: a wonderful trip, marvelous time, and educational experience. Thank you for an exceptional experience! I am well [...]

David and Deborah Shapiro, Los Angeles, California

We just returned from the most incredible vacation imaginable in Cuba! It exceeded all our expectations. Having traveled to approximately 150 countries, I can honestly [...]

Winfred ‘Maxx’ Myrick, Silver Spring, Maryland

I enjoyed my first trip to Cuba, thanks for your assistance before and during. The people of Cuba are a proud people with an abundance [...]

Phillip Sanchez and Judy Catanzaro, Moreno Valley and Covina, California

Our impressions of Cuba was positive. It is a beautiful island nation with plush green forests and beautiful beach areas. The people are friendly and [...]

Linda Gerber, Tucson, Arizona

The Jazz festival was the frosting on the cake. The people of Cuba were polite and helpful as well as very entertaining. They were people [...]

Dorothy Dare, Evanston, Illinois

I am just back from our trip. I will remember this holiday as a wonderful experience. Thanks to your help we had a marvelous time. [...]

Susan Palmer, Musician, San Diego, California

The jazz festival was over the top! We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our time in Cuba. Most people think its illegal for [...]

Doris Wallace, New York, New York

Havana is sadly beautiful and the people were warm and friendly. I heard expressions of joy and resignation. Our tour guide, Lynette was wonderful. She [...]

Tomás Digaldo, Connecticut

I really enjoyed the trip. I’m not the kind of traveler that typically joins groups but for the purpose of seeing the Jazz Festival, I [...]

Bill Fairchild, Longmont, Colorado

My friend Greg Rodriguez and I went on the Cuba Explorer Havana Jazz Festival program and it was a great experience from start to finish [...]

Hilda and Jerry Artesona, Union, New Jersey

Merry Christmas to the wonderful people at Cuba Explorer. Wanted to let you know our trip was fantastic so much more than we expected. Everything [...]

Jane Godfrey, Takoma Park, Maryland

The guides were excellent. The busses were great. Hotel Nacional is a gem. The whole week was well thought out and we got to see [...]

Steve and Judy Schlager, Cleveland, South Carolina

We just returned from our trip and we wanted to tell you what a good experience it was. We enjoyed seeing the beautiful architecture and [...]

Tayani Suma, Atlanta, Georgia

I really enjoyed my trip and you and your team did a wonderful job of planning excursions that seemed to be of interest and well [...]

Marta Karell, Chestnut Ridge, New York

Despite a rough start to our Jazz Fest Tour, we had a wonderful time! You made every effort to make it up to us and [...]

Christie Grace, Musician, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Extraordinary experience: Cascading joy, passion, and tenderness! On our recent debut visit to Havana over the past two weeks during Valentines, my 14-year-old daughter, husband [...]

Trudi Beth Unger, Photographer, Mill Valley, California

To my fellow tour participants and Cuba Explorer: Happy New Year! Hope that all of your holidays were wonderful and that this New Year brings [...]

Dawn and Eric Gordon, Cleveland, Ohio

We are back from our Cuba experience and a little fatter! Thank you Cuba Explorer. Our experience was outstanding. Our only complaint is that we [...]

Judith Stern, North Brunswick, New Jersey

Greetings. It was a swell tour. Happy travels and Happy New Year.

Elizabeth Sayre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happy New Year! I just got home yesterday as I stayed two more weeks and went to Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camagüey, and Santiago. I wanted [...]

Vera ‘Mike’ Michelson, Albany, New York

I had a wonderful, memorable time. I made many new friends. It’s really amazing that when you leave Cuba you feel like you leave a [...]

Gillian and John Steel, Vancouver, British Columbia

John and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for setting up such a wonderful tour. I had no idea that we [...]

Ian and Lis Angus, Toronto, Ontario

We had a wonderful time in Cuba and are determined to go back soon. We thoroughly enjoyed the Jazz Festival events and concerts. This tour [...]

Barbara Fudge, Vancouver, British Columbia

Just a quick note to tell you what a fabulous trip we had! You and the gang in Havana did an unbelievable job of putting [...]

Jan and Ellen de Man, Vancouver, British Columbia

We have returned from your beautiful country with the most amazing memories forever. Our trip was absolutely fantastic. All the hard work our guides Mildred [...]

Joann Campbell, Hamilton, Bermuda

I am back in my office after a wonderful trip to Cuba! My group thoroughly enjoyed this tour and is still talking about all the [...]

Philip Theriault, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I fell in love with Yolanda while in Havana. Let me back up a bit before I explain that statement. My original reason for going [...]

Vanda Simpson, Teacher, Round Rock, Texas

I enjoyed the trip so much. I think it was a great introduction to Cuba. I plan to return in a few years for your [...]

Antonietta Crevasse and Stephen Goldstein, Washington, DC

We are a well-traveled couple and found the Jazz Festival tour an amazing experience. Although the country is stuck in time, there is beauty in [...]