Every month we interview Cubans and our American tour guests to find out what restaurants they like best in Havana. This selection differs from TripAdvisor because we include Cuban tastes. We know you’ll be very happy with any restaurant on this list. Check out this page every month for updates. Learn about the history and art of Cuban cuisine.

5+ StarBien


Fabulous food and great service in the heart of Vedado.

Calle 29 #205 e/ B y C, Vedado
(+53) 7-830-0711

5+ Santy


Authentic fisherman’s shack servicing world-class sushi.

Calle 240A #3023 esq. a 3ra C, Jaimanitas
(+53) 5-286-7039

5+ El-Litoral

El Litoral

Watch the world go by at the Malecón’s best restaurant.

Malecón #161 e/ K y L, Vedado
(+53) 7-830-2201

5+ Ivan chef Justo

Iván Chef

Brilliantly creative and rich food.

Aguacate #9 esq. a Chacón, Habana Vieja
(+53) 7-863-9697

5+ nazdarovie


Well designed Soviet décor, excellent food and good service.

Malecon #25, 3rd floor e/ Prado y Carcel, Centro Habana
(+53) 7-860-2947

5+ Corte Príncipe

Corte Príncipe

Sergio’s place. Simple décor, spectacular food.

Calle 30 #865 e/ 26 y 41, Nuevo Vedado
(+53) 7-881-7000

5+ Doña Eutimia

Doña Eutimia

Absolutely charming. Excellent Cuban/creole food.

Callejón del Chorro #60C, Plaza de la Catedral, Habana Vieja
(+53) 7 861 1332

5+ La Guarida

La Guarida

Justifiably famous. Follow in the footsteps of Queen of Spain.

Concordia #418 e/ Gervasio y Escobar, Centro Habana
(+53) 7-866-9047

5 Restaurant Riomar

Río Mar

Contemporary décor. Great sea-view. Good food.

Ave. 3ra A y Final #11, La Puntilla, Miramar
(+53) 7-209-4838

5 San Cristobal restaurant

San Cristóbal

Deservedly popular. Consistently great food. Kitsch décor.

San Rafael #469 e/ Lealtad y Campanario, Centro Habana
(+53) 7-860-9109

5 Nero Di Seppia

Nero Di Seppia

The new location for Havana’s best pizza chef, Walter. Same food,

Calle 6 #122 e/ 1ra y 3ra, Miramar
(+53) 5-478-7871

5 Opera


Homely and intimate environment. Quality food. By reservation.

Calle 5ta #204 e/ E y F, Vedado
(+53) 8-31-2255

5 Atelier restaurant

El Atelier

Experimental fusion. Interesting décor, interesting menu.

Calle 5 e/ Paseo y 2, Vedado
(+53) 7-836-2025

5 bella ciao

Bella Ciao

Great service, good prices. A real home from home.

Calle 19 y 72, Playa
(+53) 7-206-1406

5 Cafe Bohemia

Café Bohemia

Bohemian feel. Great sandwiches, salads and juices.

Calle San Ignacio #364, Habana Vieja

5 La-Casa

La Casa

VIP service. The Robaina family place. Thurs day Sushi nights.

Calle 30 #865 e/ 26 y 41, Nuevo Vedado
(+53) 7-881-7000

5 Otra manera

Otra Manera

Beautiful modern decor. Interesting menu and good service.

Calle #35 e/ 20 y 41, Playa.
(+53) 7-203-8315

5 Casa Miglis restaurant

Casa Miglis

Oasis of good food and taste in Centro Habana.

Lealtad #120 e/ Ánimas y Lagunas, Centro Habana
(+53) 7-864-1486

5 El Chanchullero

El Chanchullero

Fabulous value. Hole in the wall tapas. Trendy.

Teniente Rey #457 bajos, Plaza del Cristo, Habana Vieja
(+53) 7-872-8227

5 El cocinero

El Cocinero

Industrial chic alfresco rooftop with a buzzing atmosphere.

Calle 26, e/ 11 y 13, Vedado.
(+53) 7-832-2355

5 nautilus


Imaginative, tasty and innovative menu.

Calle 84 #1116 e/ 11 y 13. Playa
(+53) 5-237-3894

5 vip habana

VIP Havana

Jordi’s place. Fabulous modern open-plan space.

Calle 9na #454 e/ E y F, Vedado
(+53) 7-832-0178

5 304 O'Reilly

304 O’Reilly

Chic, stylish. Superb gin and tonic. Best in Old Havana.

O’Reilly #304 e/ Habana y Aguiar, La Habana Vieja
(+53) 5-264-4725

4+ Cafe Laurent

Café Laurent

Attractive penthouse restaurant with breezy terrace.

Calle M #257, e/ 19 y 21, Vedado
(+53) 7-831-2090

4+ Il Divino

Il Divino

Set in huge gardens outside town. Great for the kids.

Calle Raquel, #50 e/ Esperanza y Lindero, Arroyo Naranjo
(+53) 7-643-7734

4 Habana Mia 7

Habana Mia 7

Endless summer nights. Excellent food and service.

Paseo #7 altos e/ 1ra y 3ra. Vedado
(+53) 7-830-2287

4 La California

La California

Beautiful colonial building. Great fresh pastas.

Calle Crespo #55 e/ San Lázaro y Refugio, Centro Habana
(+53) 7-863 7510

4 Nero Di Seppia

La Fontana

Consistently good food, attentive service. Old school.

Calle 46 #305 esq. a 3ra, Miramar
(+53) 7-202-8337

4 El Templete

El Templete

Overlooking harbor. Good quality but expensive.

Ave. del Puerto #12 esq. a Narciso López, Habana Vieja
(+53) 7-866-8807