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Just the Havana jazz festival

tour from Tuesday 18 January to Monday 24 January 2022.
Cost for a single room used by one person during the tour $ 2799.
Cost per person for a double room shared by two people during the tour $ 2349.
Discounts 5 to 8 guests reduce cost by $ 100 each, 9 to 12 guests reduce all by $ 150 each.
Discounts for youth between 2 and 11 years old applied after registration.
Tots under two years free. Do not include in the guest count – inform us in next step notes.
Deposit of $ 29 per person secures tour. Or reserve now and decide within 48 hours.
$ 2799 per guest
$ 2349 per guest
$ 29 non-refundable (but good for life)

Just the Havana jazz festival

tour from Tuesday 18 January to Monday 24 January 2022.
Tour cost $ 0 due 30 days before travel.
$ 29 deposit secures your tour. Or reserve this trip and decide within 48 hours.

Just the Havana jazz festival

tour from Tuesday 18 January to Monday 24 January 2022.
Tour cost $ 0 due 30 days before travel.
$ 29 deposit secures your tour. Or reserve this trip and decide within 48 hours.

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Best Cuba travel terms and conditions

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Legal Cuba travel for Americans with Cuba Explorer

Cuba Explorer is licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under section 31 CFR §515.572(a)(1) to send Americans to Cuba legally.

New Post-COVID-19 “Cancel for Any Reason” travel protection

Our new Terms and Conditions are effective June 22, 2020. For travelers who made arrangements before this date with Cuba Explorer, click here.

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Trip cancelation and interruption insurance

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When horrible things cause tours to be canceled

Tours will are canceled if natural disasters, global economic instability, USA military, economic, or political aggression against the destination country, pandemics, or acts of God prevent travel. These types of awful events are known as “force majeure.” All moneys you’ve paid to us for services are credited-in-full for future travel. We cannot refund air tickets. These examples are refundable when you purchase separate travel “cancelation for any reason” insurance coverage.

Reduction in website prices listed for our public tours

Some times, we reduce public tour prices in an attempt to rescue prepaid rooms and services. If a public tour price is decreased, a traveler who paid a higher cost will not be reimbursed for the difference.

Cuba conditions are different than in the USA

Cuba has social and economic features due to the US blockade of the island, which may not appeal to you, including weather, food, water, local customs, combined with an aging infrastructure. Island living standards, conditions, services, and accommodations are much lower than the United States. We cannot be held accountable or liable for these differences.

Scope of services and program changes

Our services comprise and include everything listed in the tour package you purchased. We reserve the right to replace itinerary activities and substitute accommodations mentioned in your itinerary with similar activities and accommodations as things often change in Cuba.

Respecting Cuban laws, diversity, and participant protections

Tour participants must obey the laws of Cuba. Failure to do so relieves us of all obligations to the traveler. Travelers denied entry into Cuba can hold no claim against us. Services will be denied to participants whose conduct and behavior, before or during travel, impedes the safe, enjoyable course of a tour. We have a zero-tolerance policy against threatening, harassing or shaming tour participants based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, and disability. These policies follow the constitutional and social norms of Cuba.

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